A study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has found up to 96% of US citizens think a gorgeous smile is important when getting the attention of the opposite sex. There are many people who are not confident about their own smiles. Moreover, dental conditions top the list of usual problems that hound people. It is not surprising to note that cosmetic dentistry is among the most sought-after medical procedures today.

This practice stands as a budding segment of dentistry. To have shinier, whiter, and more beautiful teeth, approach a cosmetic dentist to find out how your overall appeal as well as beauty of your smile could be bolstered. He could assess your needs and help you attain that perfect killer smile you dream of possessing. Here are several dental cosmetic options available.

Tooth whitening or bleaching is the top and most in-demand cosmetic dentistry procedure today. The service is conducted to aid patients in attaining whiter and brighter teeth so that smiles are made more appealing and charming. Other than dental procedures conducted at a dentist’s clinic, cosmetic dentistry usually recommends actions and medications that could be applied even at home. Proper and appropriate consultation must be achieved before taking any procedure to whiten teeth. The service is the cheapest, simplest, and most painless cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Dental implants are undoubtedly the second most popular procedure required in cosmetic dentists’ clinics. They are generally artificial teeth, like dentures, that are put to replace missing teeth. You would regain a natural-looking and very confident smile. However, there could be a surgical procedure involved. Thus, patients are required to be in good oral and physical health before the procedure. This surgical procedure is usually advised for patients with healthier gums and at the same time reliable bone structure to support the implants. Before the popularity of such dental implants, dentures were very popular as teeth replacements. Dentures are still popular today as alternatives that cosmetic dentists offer to patients who lack teeth.

Other cosmetic dentistry services and products include veneers, braces, bonds, crowns and bridges. Veneers are customized structures resembling shells that are attached to cover front side of a tooth, which has been chipped, crooked, poorly shaped, or permanently stained. Braces are orthodontic tools used for correcting and aligning crowded as well as crooked teeth. Meanwhile, teeth-binding helps improve overall appearance of chipped, broken, and cracked teeth. It uses application of materials, which resemble the tooth enamel.

Teeth crowns serve as covers that help add support for weak teeth. A crown is also improving outward appearance as well as overall strength of any problematic tooth. Bridges are alloys, porcelain, or gold materials that used to replace missing teeth. The materials are directly attached a patient’s jaw or to his gum tissue. Bridges could only be put and removed by any qualified cosmetic dentist. However, there are new versions, which could be easily removed to facilitate teeth-cleaning when needed.

Have you decided which cosmetic surgery service to take?